Meet the Menace


A couple weeks back, we invited you to sit down for an hour or so and watch a video review made by a man going by the name of Mike of Milwaukee, in which he patiently laid out the case for why Star Wars: The Phantom Menace well and truly sucks Tauntaun balls. Despite the occasional glimpse of a sex-slave abductee tied up in his basement, he seemed like a likable enough guy, and we wanted to know more. Now we do, thanks to Heeb Magazine, who unmasked the phantom critic as being one Mike Stoklasa, indeed a native of Milwaukee, WI. That's him to the left -- totally not what we pictured! [Heeb]


  • SunnydaZe says:

    Finally, a mascot for faceless internet fanboy critics everywhere!
    (Except me, of course...)