Late Night Highlights: Vintage Cera, No-Tears Cheetos and 'Tanning Beds For Everyone!'

Your favorite late night hosts rang in the new year yesterday with a fresh line-up of guests eager to embarrass themselves in the honorable tradition of hawking their upcoming projects. Among them, Movieline interviewee Michael Cera, Rosie Perez, Patton Oswalt and Jersey Shore's punch-victim Snooki, who celebrated her second humiliating segment at the grease-stained hands of Jay Leno. After the jump, find the best after hours moments you missed while whispering tender nothings into your anime body pillow.

Tanning Beds For Everyone!

Jay Leno grilled Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi during his Ten@Ten segment about her favorite junk food (pickles), her most prized possessions (bronzer and eye liner) and her New Year's Eve memories (you don't want to know).

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