James Franco Reveals the Artsy, Co-Directed Finale to His General Hospital Stint


James Franco's maniacal arc on General Hospital is winding down this week with a conclusion grifted straight from The Dark Knight and today, the actor has stepped forward to further discuss the end-goal that his artistic collaborator Carter suggested last month in Movieline's exclusive interview. So join us, in a James Franco-produced mind game of gallery shows, soap opera directorial debuts and cross-dressing collaborators, to piece together how Franco's stay in Port Charles will actually end.

As Movieline broke two months ago, James Franco's decision to immerse himself into daytime acting was a serious one, but also motivated by a second goal to produce a feature film that circulates around his stay at General Hospital. And today, Vulture dug up a few more pieces to the Franco-Carter Port Charles puzzle. First, Franco will take part in a gallery show at New York's Deitch Projects. The gallery show, which is still being finalized, will be filmed for a "special episode" of General Hospital, which the newly soaped actor will co-direct. Secondly, it is assumed that the actual-gallery-show-within-a-General Hospital-gallery-show will also be used within Carter and Franco's feature film. Vulture also revealed one of Franco's favorite performance artists, Kalup Linzy, who specializes in "cross-dressing soap-opera spoofs," will collaborate on the final project.

If Franco's game of Russian dolls and yesterday's match of anime mindfuckery has reduced you to a quivering pool of tears on Mo'Nique's couch, unwind with the actor's latest work of art: a slick kidnapping in this afternoon's episode.

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