Vivica's Precious Fiddy


· As you may have guessed from her Precious non-campaign-campaign or her uncomfortably flirtatious sit-down with Craig Ferguson, Mo'Nique does not bore anyone with industry conversation. The BET late night host asks questions that her audience cares about like "Would you date a brother if he was the manager of Burger King?" (But wait, he's also a great conversationalist and has health benefits!) Even grittier revelations occurred last week during an interview with Vivica A. Fox, in which the actress smudged her mascara when discussing her break-up and eventual forgiveness of 50 Cent a.k.a. Curtis Jackson.

· Emile Hirsch and Jessica Biel will scale Mount Kilimanjaro together in an "epic" effort to promote awareness for clean water worldwide.

· The next James Bond movie will never see the light of day unless someone buys MGM already.

· CBS Evening News has retired Walter Cronkite's soothing voice-over introduction in favor of Morgan Freeman's soothing voice-over introduction.

· One director's loss is another one's gain; Taken helmer Pierre Morel has -- er -- taken over Paramount's sci-fi classic Dune from Peter Berg.