Love Guru Felon Finally Nabbed


Pity poor Mischa Wynhausen, a 31-year-old who agreed to plead guilty to uploading the 2008 Mike Myers bomb to the Web the day before it opened in theaters. He'll serve three years' probation as part of the deal -- which beats the six months in prison that another Guru pirate, Jack Yates, got after obstructing an FBI investigation into the film's leak two summers ago. And yet Myers somehow roams free. Justice delayed, etc... [THR Esq.]


  • Furious D says:

    I'd make them do prison time for thinking The Love Guru was even worth pirating.
    In fact, I think we should bring back the ye olde stocks for such people.

  • I say Gitmo. Not even al-Qaeda had the brass to try this shit.

  • Martini Shark says:

    The irony is that they are closing Gitmo for showing "Guru" and "Glitter" to the detainees. Obama is sensitive to the plight of prisoners under such torture - while the American public is afforded no such protection.