James Franco's Plaintive Wail: 'Who Do I Have to Screw Around Here to Get Off This Movie?!'


James Franco's lease on his sizeable murder loft in Port Charles runs out at the end of the week and General Hospital is celebrating with a five-day-long going away party, complete with modestly-staged explosions and a plot ripped straight from The Dark Knight. In order to finally square off against his nemesis and curious man-crush object Jason, "that whack job" Franco must lure Jason into a trap. So this afternoon, Franco took the two most important women in Jason's life hostage, anchored them to ticking bombs, and sat back to see which woman Batman Jason would save. Still, despite the week's hearty storyline, this afternoon's scenes proved that the random dialogue generator over at General Hospital is still misfiring.

Or maybe it's the random idea generator that James Franco introduced during his Saturday Night Live monologue that, in addition to recommending random projects, spits out the most unfitting non sequiturs for a scene. Case in point: the exchange below, in which Franco tells Carly why she has been taken hostage. Although he has already secured Sam in a plexiglass prison cell (also outfitted with a bomb), abducted Carly, tagged her baby's nursery and finalized all of the logistics of his plan, he is still rattled after Carly makes a few more desperate pleas. Unable to process the emotion, Franco rests his head in his fists and shouts "Who do I have to screw around here to get off this movie?!"

Further proof that his character is crazy, or is it simply evidence of another dimension to Franco's General Hospital arc that hasn't been introduced yet? You decide.


  • Donovan says:

    Well....... Franco's uni-monickered partner in crime-art has already said (in a Movieline exclusive interview, remember?) that this "General Hospital" sideshow is part of some experimental film project they're making (in which Franco presumably plays himself) - so the "Who do I have to screw to get out of his movie???" might make more sense once we've seen the "movie".

  • Mike H. says:

    A copycat line! When June Lockhart was filming the 2nd episode of "Lost in Space" there was a scene where the space Chariot was being tossed around during a storm while on the open seas. Lockhart was being hit with huge gouts of icy water and getting very seasick. She shouted out, "Who do I have to f*ck to get off this show!"