Buzz Break: 'Her?'


· You see the cheese on this pizza slice that Michael Cera is sharing with Jersey Shore's JWoww? He grated it on his Situation-like abs. No, not really.

· John Hillcoat's next movie, meant to star Ryan Gosling and Shia LaBeouf, has fallen apart.

· Almost as startling as Susan Sarandon's breakup with Tim Robbins: the apparent revelation that Robbins donated money to notorious arch-conservative Michele Bachmann.

· Casting! Kim Raver's become a full-blown regular on Grey's Anatomy, while axed Dexter alumna Julie Benz is heading to Desperate Housewives.


  • Furious D says:

    1. I can read Cera's mind when that picture was taken, and all I'm getting is: "After this I am going to bath in bleach!"
    2. Nick Cave needed to include shape changing robots. That's the ticket.
    3. Either he's been replaced by an alien pod-clone from the planet Republicanus IV, or signing so many "Close Gitmo" petitions finally made him snap.
    4. Keeping with Desperate Housewives' "no actress left behind" program.

  • Imagine how awesome Transformers 3 would be if they let Nick Cave write it.

  • Jerebo says:

    Thanks for the spoiler alert re: DEXTER. Some of us need to wait until DVD. Haramph!