A Doctor to the Rescue


After Neil Patrick Harris ceded the last twelve hours to Kevin Smith (on account of the former's sleeping, no doubt), the actor awakened to find himself the victim of a Smith-spurred feud. Swiftly, Harris admitted fault for his two-year-old slap at Smith muse Jason Mewes: "Didn't realize the upset my words caused. Looked back at what you said, and I concur. Ignorance on my part. Apologies." [Twitter]


  • mo says:

    so doogie gets lucky that his show that caters to the lowest common denominator has picked up any steam and he's finally made it beyond "doogie" to more than 12 americans...... and he picks on an actor that has plays "himself" in movies.....um...and you played what roll in harold and kumar?

  • JB says:

    Right, because the Neil Patrick Harris he played in "Harold and Kumar" is TOTALLY the real Neil Patrick Harris.

  • Az says:

    I wasn't aware NPH played a "roll" in Harold and Kumar. I thought the ROLE that he played was basically a spoof of himself.

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