TV Bites: Your Next Comic Nightmare


· Most television viewers are all for reality competitions where the underdog has a chance to win: American Idol, More to Love, Dance Your Ass Off. They can handle bad singing, bad dancing, but bad stand-up comedy is an entirely different animal, especially when NBC is considering bringing back Last Comic Standing, the comedy competition that one Drew Carey endorsed as fraudulent. The one in which producers offset judge voting just so that the morbidly obese or cerebral palsy-afflicted contestants make it to the next round. Most reality shows may be heavily manipulated behind-the-scenes, but please NBC, spare us your fixed Last Comic. If Bill Bellamy needs a network gig that badly, how about you implant him as the hilarious new T.A. on Community, no one will even know the difference. And if you have to bring one show back from that mass peacock grave, how about Kath & Kim? [EW]

Glee goes original, another Spelling gets a reality show, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Regis Philbin will finally return to Live with Regis and Kelly on January 4, a month after undergoing hip surgery, just in time to mispronounce Gabourey Sidibe's name. [Hollywood Reporter]

· The Jersey Shore's breakout guidette Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is exchanging words with the Italian-American group UNICO who pulled their advertisements from her MTV show. After Snooks yelled "F*ck you!" to UNICO and the other companies who deemed the show too controversial, UNICO responded by calling Snooks "an embarrassment to the human race." Your move, Jersey Shore cast. [TMZ]

· Glee creator Ryan Murphy has been flooded with embarrassing pleas from songwriters who'd like to lend their skills to the breakout Fox hit and will satisfy a few of them with a whole episode devoted to original music on April 13. [Broadway World]

· Candy Spelling is ready for her reality TV close-up with E!'s upcoming series Bank of Hollywood in which people will ask for celebrities to contribute to their cause -- whether it be a ramp for that inner city high school with one wheelchair bound kid -- or something frivolous like a gold-plated face mask. Kind of like a Shark Tank with C-listers. [AP]


  • Gallant Patsy says:

    Thank you Julie, I thought I was alone in that sentiment - I thought Kath & Kim needed a little more time, and was coming together quickly, Community be damned. But I would counter that Kevin O'Leary is a C-lister if you own his Income Fund.