Our Commenters of the Week Win a Respectable Ranking on a List!


Though our commenters may not have a surprise twist ending or a splendid late-night talk show appearance, Movieline freely gifts this week's commenting champions with a number next to their name and a small blurb. Have you ever, in your wildest absinthe fantasies, wished to be one of "The Top 10 S.T. VanAirsdale Zealots of the Decade"? Dream fulfillment approaching. What about a place among "The Top 200 Avatar Jokesmiths of the Millennium"? We'll get you in at #58! Keep in mind that we plucked winners from this week and last week, as both were truncated thanks to the holidays.

Old No. 7 on Ripley, Believe it or Not: "Personally, I'm hoping that an Alien flies out of Lorne Michaels' chest cavity and picks off the cast members, one by one."

Martini Shark on Comedy Central's 2010 Resolution: Cancel Jeff Dunham? "This cannot happen! Where else will I go to get my servings of hate-crime entertainment deflected from criticism by delivery through unassailable mostly-inanimate objects?!"

Sarah on 9 Ways James Cameron Will Make Fantastic Voyage More Fantastic: At first glance, I thought #2 said "More Ace of Base", and I was like, "Yes definitely - more Ace of Base."

Victor Ward on The 10 Best Movie Twist Endings of the Decade: "Crossroads. Kim Cattrall didn't want to be Britney's mom. WRAP YOUR MIND AROUND THAT!"

Dimo on Can We Talk About Avatar's Weirdly Dated Slang for a Minute? "I'm just glad that "Dude!" is still a popular word used by frustrated, overweight, tech nerds in 2154...And Jujubes are still a candy favorite!"

Congrats to our winners! Happy New Year to all.