Kyle Presents Movieline's 2009 Award Winners


Hey, a video! Movieline couldn't let 2009 draw to a close without presenting some awards, so take three minutes to watch as I hand out honors both irreverent and admiring. If anything, it's the only time you'll see a Supporting Actor trophy that Christoph Waltz doesn't win. Enjoy!


  • Bravo! Nice job.
    The robot's testicles... that will stay with me through my dark times.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Public Service Announcement>
    The subtle techno music you hear during the video is not your neighbors or a car parked outside; it is actually on the video.
    It took me several minutes to figure this out so I thought I would save you the time.
    I really like the video, Kyle! I hope you do more for the next year. Reminds me of Molls over at Defamer.
    The web is a multimedia forum, ya know>
    "The printed page is obsolete. Information isn't bound up anymore. It's an entity." (Umm, I wonder who said that? Can't seem to remember...)

  • HwoodHills says:

    You guys have faces?
    Good job, Movieline. Give us more video of you monkeys in 2010.
    (Keeping the theme of "Hollywood Hipster" going by wearing black jackets over a garanimals T-shirt!)
    I kid...I kid.
    Nice piece, Kyle.
    Happy 2010.

  • Donovan says:

    Huh. Way sexier than I expected. Still wrong about "Basterds" though - the French girl is the protagonist. She has more screentime than the Basterds too.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Me likee. MORE!