General Hospital FrancoWatch: Just Another Candlelit New Year's Eve Alone


Kudos to General Hospital producers who have stretched James Franco's handful of days on set into a rich two-month arc full of intrigue and corpse art. That feat meant that in some episodes, Franco's character did not appear at all, while in others his part was limited to mysteriously brandishing a bracelet, shouting meaningfully or shaking a paint can sinisterly for his entire two minutes on screen. Some Franco fans may have felt gypped, wading through an hour of tertiary mob plot just for twenty glorious seconds of Franco...until yesterday, when General Hospital gifted us with the best possible James Franco New Year's Eve scene of all.

Hint: It involves a seductively removed napkin holder and an overplayed Temptations song.

That's really it. If the scene does not make sense, please refer to Franco's lone scene the previous day, in which he intercepted a bouquet of flowers after presumably kidnapping Sam.


  • MJ says:

    Ohhhh boy, haven't watched GH in decades! (okay 2 of them) but still, I was like a teenager, and I feel myself being pulled back to Port Charles now that Franco is there! Tis the first time I have seen this stellar actor's daytime scenes! He's sooo good! GH was so lucky to get him, even tho he initiated it orignally! I mean GH is the mafia kingpin soap, they do villianry real well! Lets see if Franco can tear me away from Salem & Genoa City! 😛 (i.e Days/Y&R)