6 Favorite Stories of 2009: Kyle's Picks

Some of my favorite stories of the year have already been covered in our other year-end wrapups, whether they be lists, videos, or interviews (and truth be told, I've had such a pleasure doing interviews for Movieline that I could easily make post after post about the ones I liked best). At this point, then, when picking out my 6 favorite stories, I'm selecting a random sampling of standouts that hopefully gives a bigger picture of just how eclectic -- and continually rewarding -- Movieline's output can be.

[In chronological order]

· NPR's Hypocrisy: Outrage Review Censored, Gay Idol Speculation OK

This was a doozy: NPR covered a documentary on the media's reticence to investigate closeted politicians who cast anti-gay votes, but censored its review to remove the names of the important figures featured in the movie. NPR tried to cite a company policy not to report on rumors, but by simultaneously writing about Adam Lambert's then-unconfirmed homosexuality, the company exposed just how far the media still has to come when covering gay issues in this new decade.

· Inside the Sundance Labs

Some of the most iconic films and filmmakers ever have come out of the Sundance Labs, but very few have a full picture of what goes on there. That changed thanks to Movieline's five-part series on the Labs in progress, which charted how projects evolve and take shape, and happened to focus strongly on a budding filmmaker who would be indicted by the government shortly after.

· But What Do Cannibal Sex Fetishists Think of Jennifer's Body?

An early warning sign about the eventual box office performance of Jennifer's Body came on an obscure internet message board, where even cannibal sex fetishists seemed reluctant to see the thriller. Sure, Megan Fox eats a lot of boys, but is it "soft vore" or "hard vore"? We all learned a lot that day, didn't we?

· An Ode to the Terrible Photoshopped Cigarette That is Californication's Advertising Mainstay

They should have sent a poet.

· EXCLUSIVE: The Real Story (and the Mastermind) Behind James Franco's Soap Opera Career Move

James Franco's decision to commit to General Hospital mystified everyone except for Movieline, who promptly interrogated Franco's performance art collaborator and came up with the real story behind the story.

· It's Not Too Late to Put Sandra Bullock in Three More Movies This Year

Sometimes, in the middle of the day, all I really want to do is lose myself in a Photoshop reverie. If that means seamlessly integrating Matt Damon into The Blind Side, or fashioning Sandra Bullock's Na'vi avatar, then so be it.

See you next year!