Twilight's Billy Burke Picks His Fave Five of 2009

As Movieline spends so much time telling you what we made of 2009, why not occasionally cede the microphone to others in Hollywood? Actor Billy Burke is the latest to try his hand at a Fave Five -- you may know him from his role as Kristen Stewart's father in the Twilight Saga (though after seeing Feast of Love, I'll always imagine him naked and slapping around Radha Mitchell), and in addition to the upcoming installment Eclipse, he's got the lead in 2010 indies Highland Park and Luster. Still, we're getting ahead of ourselves by looking forward; before 2010 rolls around, what did Billy think were the pop culture highlights of 2009?


Parks And Recreation

"One of the most grossly underrated network shows in ages. The writers for this ass-kick fest deserve their own category and I would like to give the entire cast a "Kaboom" kiss. (Those in the know will know.)"

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