TV Bites: The Christmas Death Threat That Keeps On Giving


· Attention all prime time stars with so-so ratings: try knife play! Sure, Two and a Half Men was not faltering before Charlie Sheen's alleged yuletide death threats, but the incident sent Monday night's repeat straight to a ratings win with 11.1 million viewers. In other Charlie Sheen news, "someone" leaked information about Brooke Mueller's history with cocaine and DUIs. Meanwhile, Sheen's ex, Denise Richards is threatening to "spill [her] guts" for the right price. [NYP]

Tyra Banks is a nightmare, Joe Halderman channels Tiger Woods's mistresses, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Outgoing talk-show host Tyra Banks was a nightmare to work for, according to a former crew member. One source called her a "diva" while another claimed that "everything had to be done Tyra's way." [NYDN]

· Yesterday, Movieline reported that David Letterman's aspiring screenwriter/unsuccessful extorter Joe Halderman was dreaming of a plea deal Christmas but it seems that the 48 Hours producer has switched up his strategy. In a new court filing, his lawyer alleges that Halderman was doing exactly what Tiger Woods' mistresses had done in asking to exchange money for valuable information. [NYP]

· Congratulations to Californication's Eva Amurri for winning Mr. Skin's coveted "Best Nude Scene Of the Year" award. It must not have been those mother-daughter stripping classes. [Zap2It]

· Jane Lynch debuts her animated The Cleveland Show character on Jan. 10. The Glee villain will play Roberta's straight-edged teacher, Ms. Eck, whom Lynch promises has the same "in-the-head-and-out-the-mouth syndrome" as Sue Sylvester. [EW]


  • Tyra Banks a diva and a difficult woman to work for? Why did no one stop the presses so that this earth-shattering information could be conveyed in 72 pt. bold type at the top of the page of the New York Times?!? The nation must know!