The Forecast Calls For Rice


· People tuning in to The Weather Channel got a surprise marriage proposal from Kennesaw, GA police Sgt. Marty Cunningham to his girlfriend, Weather Channel meteorologist Kim Perez. We love you too, Marty Cunnigham! [The Daily What]

· Peter Jackson has been named a Knight of New Zealand, who've wasted no time putting him to work slaying the giant infestation flattening their mutton crops. [USA Today]

· Patrick Disney Miller, the grandson of Walt, has been charged by the L.A. County District Attorney's office with 19 counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, one count of possession of an illegal assault weapon and three counts of possession of a controlled substance with a firearm, bringing the grand total to 24 felony indictments. The DA is asking for the maximum sentence: ten hours at California Adventure. [TMZ]

· Chris Evans' brother Scott lost his gay-virginity on One Life to Live today. Much shoulder-kissing ensues. [YouTube]

· The Awl makes a decent case for why this decade was the worst in history for Best Picture winners. [The Awl]

· "I don't I like it I like chicks!!!!" Ryan Seacrest posted to Twitter today. Chirp, chirp, tweet, tweet, yada yada. [@RyanSeacrest]


  • el smrtmnky says:

    talk about a gay dream come true: losing the big V at the Llanview Restoration Hardware. go mos!

  • Old No.7 says:

    Sgt. Marty is about to discover that being married to a meteorologist will bring fewer low-pressure systems to his southern regions.

  • NP says:

    Gee, I don't _mind_ straight people, but do they have to shove their lifestyle all up in my face right there on The Weather Channel? I mean, what they want to do behind closed doors is their own business, but come on..