Oscar-Winning Producer Dan Jinks: My Fave Five of 2009

Whether you're mourning the loss of 2009 or excited to put the year behind you (FYI: Only the latter option is correct), at least you've got a wealth of Fave Fives to help ease your transition into 2010. The newest one comes from Dan Jinks, the Oscar-winning producer of Milk, American Beauty, and the late, lamented Pushing Daisies (whose creator Bryan Fuller also contributed his own Fave Five). What five pop cultural events made Dan's year? Read on:


The first hour of Up

"Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the whole movie, but the first hour was movie heaven for me. My favorite all-time sitcom is the Mary Tyler Moore Show, so it was great fun to have that show's Ed Asner play the lead in an animated movie."

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