Moon Director Tweets Displeasure With Studio's Oscar Non-Campaign


Obviously Duncan Jones, the director whose excellent debut Moon features an awards-caliber performance by Sam Rockwell, either hasn't read or doesn't share Movieline's position on the value of a non-campaign awards campaign. And today I'm kind of glad about that, because it's way more entertaining (if ultimately depressing) to read his new tweets lambasting Sony for jilting his low-budget baby in its quest for Oscar.

According to Jones, Sony -- which acquired the film in 2008 before spinning it off to Sony Pictures Classics during Sundance '09 -- has not included Moon in its bundle of awards screeners being sent to voters. He tweeted the rough details this morning in messages to his fans, including high-profile supporters like Neil Gaiman:

[W]e have done SO well so far with the awards we HAVE been submitted to, yet SONY have not sent out screeners to academy voters.

Basically our campaign is based on being THE little film that made it to Oscar.

..alli can hope for is that Academy voters HEAR about the film, and go about finding ways to see it by themselves!

They say it costs too much for our little film as they would need to be water-marked copies as our DVD isnt out yet in the US.

we have more than asked.. we've knocked heads. they have chosen the films they are backing & we are not in their plans.

Ouch. Representatives for Sony and Sony Classics haven't yet responded to our requests for confirmation and/or comment, which isn't terribly surprising considering the industry's late-December shutdown. Which raises the question: If Duncan Jones cuts down a tree in the forest and no one's there to hear it fall, does it make a sound? Sure, Twitter gets around, and sure, here I am writing about it. Nevertheless, this is a discussion that needs to continue next week -- not to mention sustaining itself through the Oscar balloting process in January. Actors represent the biggest chunk of Academy membership, and while they may be sympathetic, it's going to take a lot of word of mouth to cut through that branch, particularly with Jeremy Renner clinging pretty firmly to the fifth Best Actor slot opposite Jeff Bridges, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney and Colin Firth. And that Rockwell Oscar petition he's got going? The one with 2,100 signatures and counting? Needs about 20 times that many.

Don't get me wrong: I loved Moon and am a Rockwell true believer from way back. I'm also realistic, and I know just how irretrievably wack this whole system can be for true believers, studios, filmmakers and actors alike. And worst case scenario? A snub still puts Rockwell in better historical company than a lot of folks the Academy has "validated" over the years. Don't let it get to you, Duncan! Just remember what Mo'Nique always says when you're asked about Sony's decision: "People are entitled to their opinion, mamma." Mmm-hmm.

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  • Morgan says:

    I enjoyed MOON too, but maybe it's time for Duncan Jones to give it up. He's starting to sound a little whiny. It's not as if there aren't a lot of other "little" movies out there that also deserve notice.
    Sony isn't even doing right by some of its bigger potential contenders (JULIE AND JULIA, DISTRICT 9) so its mishandling of MOON can scarcely come as a shock.

  • "David Webb" says:

    Does it really matter that much about Oscar? The film is good and it's been recognised and appreciated.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    When you scroll this page up and down on a LCD monitor the picture of Sam Rockwell does an optical illusion effect!
    Maybe that will make Duncan Jones feel a little better...

  • McSnarkster says:

    I thought that was just my astigmatism! And he can also comfort himself with the fact that the illusion effect gets bigger or smaller depending on how fast you scroll.
    ...I am very easily entertained. On that note, Moon far exceeded my standards.