Hollywood Ink: James McAvoy Works on His Ian Fleming Impression


· James McAvoy is reportedly attached to star in a biopic of Ian Fleming, the one-time British intelligence officer and WWII veteran who also happened to create James Bond. Currently in development under the rather on-the-nose title Ian Fleming, the film would cover Fleming's playboy lifestyle leading up to the war, his life-changing combat experience and, with any luck, his fondness for spanking. That's entertainment. [Pajiba]

Mel Gibson makes enemies in Mexico, Palm Springs prepares for some luminaries, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Aside from the region's governor, some Veracruz residents haven't reacted so happily to plans to clear out a prison for Mel Gibson's upcoming film How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Relatives of 1,000 inmates in line for a transfer protested the move this week, insisting that their loved ones stay put. It's obviously just another sign to skip the whole thing and get right into Viking-movie madness with Leo DiCaprio, but no one listens to me. [AFP]

· The organizers of the Palm Springs Film Festival have apparently been on the phone with the Weinstein Company; they've announced that Nine star (and Oscar underdog) Marion Cotillard and Inglourious Basterds director (and other Oscar underdog) Quentin Tarantino will be honored at next week's event. Congrats to both, and well-played, Harvey. [THR]

· Keep an eye on your mail, SAG members: Your union on Tuesday mailed final ballots for its 16th annual awards. They're due back Jan. 21. Team Holbrook! [SAG]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Are they going to include the incident where Fleming couldn't bring himself to kill a man in cold blood in Toronto? It turned out to be just a training exercise, but his bosses nixed him from doing any major covert ops from then on. Many theorize that's why he made Bond so cold-blooded.
    2. Someone's not having fun in a Mexican Prison, how could that happen?
    3. Who did Harvey scream at to land those?
    4. Vote early, vote often. Oh, wait, those are the rules for the Golden Globes.