Always Itemizing: Movieline's Year in Lists

Lists. Great for grocery shopping, even better for pop culture blogging. Come along now, as we list the best Movieline lists of the year. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ...

· Nine: That's the magic number -- at least where Movieline lists are concerned. We ran down the nine most shameless aspects of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and then collected the nine most scathing critical responses to the film; our nine first thoughts upon exiting Antichrist; nine things learned at the Fantastic Mr. Fox premiere in London; and nine huge revelations from the Comic-Con Lost panel.

· We weren't afraid to go dark, either: Here are nine rejected cardinal murders from Angels & Demons. Need darker? How about the nine most outraged video reactions to Adam Lambert's American Idol defeat?

· We saw the Avatar trailer and immediately thought of Delgo. Then we saw it, and had some first impressions. But after thinking about it a bit, we were left with some nagging questions.

· What were the groundbreaking moments from Michael Bay's Victoria Secret commercial? We listed them! What were some possibilities for his upcoming "small" film? We listed those too!

· Who could forget The Top Ten Quotes From Stephen Sommers's Self-Pitying G.I. Joe Victory Lap?

· We are called Movieline, after all, and so we took every available opportunity to show off our savvy connoisseurship in the realm of cinema lists: Here are our choices for the essential Crazy White Bitch movies, some masterpieces from this decade you may have missed completely, the best movie twists and worst movie remakes from the 00s. And here were Rambo V, Stay Cool, Silent Venom, and seven other mindblowing, modestly budgeted movies to watch from the American Film Market.

· Then there were those 10 Actors Who Found Success as Screenwriters and the list of A-List Stars Who Have Never Made a Sequel?

· In addition to that, we offered B-movie vampire tips to boost Edward Cullen's appeal, a pack of werewolves even lamer than Jacob, a library of disaster films even more crapocalyptic than 2012.

· Then we chose six films shot by the brilliant cinematographer DP Gordon Willis.

· Hey, does anyone know who won't be playing Catwoman? We do!

· Paula Abdul could play Catwoman, seeing as she stepped down from Idol. Here are her greatest moments.

· We helped you make sense of awards shows, with our assessment of The VMAs' Proudest and Ugliest Moments.

· From Gerald the Monobrow Baby to Prison Break's T-Bag, we ran down some of the greatest villains in TV history.

· None of them, however, appeared on Verminators, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, and Man V. Food -- just three of the most stomach-churning, cringe-inducing shows on basic cable.

· That was before we had heard about Conveyor Belt of Love, however. We had five other suggestions for bachelor delivery devices. Then there were our ideas for Aaron Sorkin secret new show! And -- oh, what the hell -- five suggestions for the Barbie movie.

· Would those last longer than a season? These one-season-wonders didn't. Still, a full season is practically a M*A*S*H run compared to the 9 Fastest Cancellations in Television History.

· From the $3.6 million Without a Trace teen orgy to The Thorn Birds' stud-of-the-cloth, these were case studies of the most scandalous sex scenes in TV history. And these? These were case studies, period -- college courses based on popular TV shows.

· Entourage premiered, and we ran down its most thrilling moments!

· So just how old are those teenagers on shows like Glee, Friday Night Lights, 90210 and Gossip Girl? Uh...well they aren't teenagers to start with. We investigate.

· We had burning questions about the third season of Mad Men. Most of them were eventually answered. And we had fun facts about Alexander Skarsgård, everyone's favorite True Blood vampire!