Comedy Central's 2010 Resolution: Cancel Jeff Dunham?


On the heels of yesterday's announcement by Tyra Banks that she'll soon be ending her eponymous talk show (And sidenote: When is the other shoe gonna drop on that one? Fishy, fishy) comes yet another brewing TV cancellation that may be somewhat of a surprise. It's at this point that I'd ask you to direct your attention to the puppet in my right hand, who will break the news to you in between hacky, racist jibes.

RACIST PUPPET (Shall we just call him "Mexican Manuel"? OK, we'll go with Mexican Manuel): "Hey pendejo! Comedy Central is saying that it has no plans to renew Jeff Dunham's show! Maybe I took away his job, since I'm an illegal?"

But I don't understand, Mexican Manuel. I thought Dunham's show was the highest-rated premiere Comedy Central ever had.

MEXICAN MANUEL: "Eeet was, man! But then it dropped, uh, 55 percent in its second week, and kept falling from there. Now it gets even lower ratings than my cousin Pedro's Univision cock fights! I'm a Mexican."

And so forth. Even if Dunham's cancellation should come to pass, the network still plans to develop other projects with him, including more comedy specials. Still, 2010 is looking awfully bright, isn't it?

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