Chelsea Lately's Guy Branum: My Fave Five for 2009

For the next chapter in our Fave Five project, Movieline has enlisted the help of Chelsea Handler's right-hand pop-culture commentator, writer, comedian, and "Staff Homosexual" Guy Branum. The 30-year-old panelist on Chelsea Lately mixes self-deprecation, Jonas Brothers awe, and the occasional Joy Luck Club reference into an effective blend. Now, the TV expert gives us his Fave Five primetime moments of 2009 and includes the best reference to Casablanca since Animaniacs.

Night Cheese

"30 Rock continues to be a festival of delicious verbal constructions. Jenna assuring us that "Drama is gay man Gatorade: it replenishes their electrolytes" stands out particularly. That said, no moment this year was as magical as Liz Lemon in a Snuggie singing to her cheese. Simple, magical pathos is all I ask from my sitcom characters."

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