What's On: Automatic Reruns for the People


As new TV episodes remain scarce following Christmas, Movieline delves into reality-based cable programming for solace. Eating disorders, antisocial rock stars, countdowns, and bloated film franchises all come into play. Fun for the whole smack-addicted family.

Intervention [A&E, 9 PM]

In the case of "Amy W.," friends and family help a girl deal with alcoholism, self-mutilation, and anorexia, or as regular viewers of Intervention call it: "the holy triumvirate." One of these days a subject will figure out that the giant camera crew isn't really filming a documentary about him/her. Then he/she will stage an intervention on the Intervention crew, and the time-space continuum will just start mutilating itself and exercising all night.

100 Most Shocking Music Moments [VH1, 9 PM]

VH1 kicks off its five-part countdown of rock's most astounding moments. Tonight's show only covers 100-81, so these can't be that shocking, right? They have to save historic moments like John Lennon's death and Madonna's Sex book for later episodes. For the first installment, I expect minor shocks like Steven Tyler's most recent trip to rehab or Lady Gaga's homicidal interest in Muppets. Can't wait for the trenchant dissertation on Led Zeppelin and the dead shark.

REM: This is Not A Show [Sundance, 9 PM]

This short documentary focuses on preparations for the alt-rock band's 2007 concert in Dublin. This should be an uplifting experience, much unlike a Michael Stipe Google-image search. You just have no idea the amount of pastel eye-masks and sullen grimaces you're in for. However, in documentary form, Stipe is an excellent frontman. And here's to hoping the group performs "Imitation of Life," which is fracking beautiful.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End [ABC, 8 PM]

If you're still lingering in your childhood home following Christmas festivities, you and your great aunt should really get a kick out of Jack Sparrow's third foray into crusty Keith Richards side-eyes and drunken Robert Plant spirit fingers. Sure, it's a convoluted script, but Johnny Depp's sublime transformation is engrossing. When he's not deploying saucy one-liners, take time to throw out the tree.