TV Bites: The End of a Tyra


· After only five seasons and approximately twelve episodes dedicated to the tricky art of hair weaves, our lady Tyra Banks is retiring her Tyra Show. The America's Next Top Model creator will instead attempt to bring her positive, cellulite-revealing image of women to the big screen, thanks to her new film production company Bankable Studios which is currently reviewing five possible projects. Lest anyone think that Tyra's disappearance from daytime will diminish her fierceness quotient, Banks reassured viewers that her "next huge steps will allow [her] to reach more women and young girls to help [them] all feel as fierce as [they] truly are." [People]

Fox prepares for a Cowell-less winter, Jersey Shore faces another group of naysayers, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Shore is not the wholesome guido you thought. He worked as an exotic dancer in New York and New Jersey back in 2004 with a specialty in lap dances. [TMZ]

· Your favorite animated series that is based on a comic strip that specializes in race relations, The Boondocks, is returning for a third season on Adult Swim in three months. [BET]

· In spite of rumors that American Idol's key judge Simon Cowell is leaving the competition show to focus on bringing his UK series X-Factor stateside, Fox is committed to its cash cow program, with negotiations underway for three more seasons. [Reuters]

· Jersey Shore has clinched another non-supporter in the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus, who claim that the MTV series promotes derogatory ethnic stereotypes and is "wildly offensive." Well, yeah. [THR]


  • So "The Situation" was stripping at bachelorette parties for drunken young ladies? Sounds about right. I mean, how many other jobs are there tailor-made to let a young man show off his abs?

  • Victor Ward says:

    I think my twitter documented the stages of loss through which we all will now go:
    @tyrabanks You are causing me to have a gay panic over here. A GAY PANIC.
    Someone get me a Xanax or a magazine with Britney Spears on the cover, stat

    I feel better, now, but there will always be a piece of me missing. And I'm not sure if The Soup will have enough content to go on.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    have you seen the wendy williams show? it's like the designer imposters version of tyra. joel et cie will have plenty of weave to work with.

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