Marlon Wayans Accidentally Involved in Oscar Producer's Twitter Brainstorm


The last time anyone checked in with Adam Shankman's Twitter feed, the choreographer/director/Oscar producer was soliciting (and even hinting at) big changes for the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony next March. Adam Lambert came up at some hilarious point, as did the Twilight gang and regulars from So You Think You Can Dance. (That latter proposal appears to have reached fruition, by the way.) Now, however, as Shankman continues his tweet-of-consciousness Oscar-show brainstorms, the suggestion box might have finally reached capacity.

We can only hope so, anyhow, particularly after Shankman tweeted his appreciation of the late John Hughes on Christmas -- and the early-morning tweets that followed yielded this rosy, random exchange with Marlon Wayans:

adammshankman: I wonder if I should do a special tribute to John Hughes somewhere... With all the stars, film makers , and classics he gave us...

MARLONLWAYANS: @adammshankman honestly, an AWESOME IDEA

adammshankman: @MARLONLWAYANS riiiiiggghhyt. On oscars maybe?

MARLONLWAYANS: @adammshankman definitely. that be great. has so many classics to use as themes

adammshankman: Bfast club ,,16 candles ,ferris buehler pretty in pink. Home alone. Planes trains

OK, I get it. But really -- enough. We can debate all day whether or not John Hughes deserves a special tribute on the Oscarcast (burning out and dismissing Hollywood doesn't work in his favor either way), but it is beyond debate that when a judge on SYTYCD and one of the driving creative forces behind White Chicks team up on Twitter to hatch a Hughes scheme -- when the Academy can't even make time for freaking Lauren Bacall, Gordon Willis, and Roger Corman -- then an intervention is necessary. Who will it be? Will someone at the Academy step up? Will Shankman's co-producer Bill Mechanic pull the plug? Will Shankman realize what he's done and cut off the Oscar chatter forthwith, lest Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher launch an impassioned, unstoppable Twitter drive to present an award together? Or is that Shankman's intended endgame? Marlon Wayans is brainstorming with Adam Shankman about the Oscars, people. If Twitter recognizes DEFCON levels of culture-war readiness, have we not achieved Level 1?

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  • Carp Diem says:

    Why is this even a news story?
    Oh... so S.T. VanAirsdale can mock a couple of successful people appreciating John Hughes. They clearly aren't worthy enough of Mr. VanAirsdale's esteem, and should be mocked. Because Mr. VanAirsdale has done so much with his career.

  • Colander says:

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