Inception Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio, Dream Weaver

WB has finally rolled out the full, English-language trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception (none of that au francais whatnot -- this one is for realsies). What have we learned that we didn't know already? Not too much -- Leonardo DiCaprio still looks like Nolan himself, some of the images recall the director's last movie, and the scenery seems as pliable a fruit roll-up. There's a little bit in there that sheds light on DiCaprio's dream-surfing corporate raider, but otherwise, it's just an appetizer of unusual visuals. Let us know if this has you running up the walls in anticipation:

Second Phenomenal Teaser Trailer for Inception [First Showing]


  • mikeyboy says:

    oh it surely does, i get off on weird shit

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    interesting that they only used leo's name in the trailer. i suspect people are going to see this movie because chris nolan. might as well show all the other gems they've got like ellen page, ken wantanabe and JLG.

  • MrsQuint says:

    Honestly, I do not get Leonardo DiCaprio. He acts the same in all his movies. He is the male Jennifer Aniston.

  • Nemo says:

    As it's more than obviously going to be "Dark City" meets "The Matrix," and it's directed by Nolan, who's got all the subtlety of an asteroid to the head, it's really nowhere near my top two dozen must-sees of 2010. But I will say thank you for picking Cillian Murphy's single frame for your article picture. Even if it is just the back of his head. We Murphy fans really have to take what we can get these days.

  • Lucas says:

    to me this feels like it is trying to be a meta-movie, ie a movie that is a story but is also about movies themselves. how they work, how they get into the minds of folks and become more than themselves. especially the big rabid horde inducing ones like the Harry Potter or Twilight Films. In many ways those movies are like viruses. They infect culture. I mean look at Twilight and the press. How many magazines had articles, even covers with those 3 kids. how many blogs are obsessed with every tiny movement the two leads make and what does it mean in the great "are they or are they not" games. look at the trading cards, the spin off books, the t-shirts. My local Hot Topic has pretty much becomes Twilight HQ with a couple of Nightmare Before Christmas knick knacks on a shelf in the back corner. The lead guy is being jumped in the streets by women (some of them old enough to be my mother) that want to touch him. They are all getting cast (even some of the minor actors) in more movies, which are already touting "from the hit Twilight films" even before they start filming.
    The Inception trailer feels like they are looking at that kind of idea virus notion and it will be interesting to see if Chris Nolan can pull it off. So in that sense, not that it is a Chris Nolan, I do consider it a must see

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