Are You Ready for Eddie Winslow to Reemerge as a Seductive Young and the Restless Star?


Daytime soaps rarely land in Movieline's wheelhouse. But the advent of James Franco's General Hospital career behooves us to acknowledge other ridiculous cast changes -- and this time, we're on the brink of a biggie. As announced in November, Darius McCrary, who has had a rough go of it in the press last we checked, is replacing Shemar Moore as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless. McCrary most famously dazzled us as Eddie Winslow on Family Matters, and his new gig begins tomorrow. In the meantime, let's review his most dramatic television gig yet.

Though his new arc on The Young and the Restless may strike a deeper nerve, McCrary's most harrowing moment thus far (for my money) occurred during the Family Matters episode "Home Sweet Home," which confronted tough issues including termites that eat your apartment, hot girls from Saved By the Bell who drop in from the ceiling, and getting straight A's.

Even if McCrary's tabloid past is dubious, I think his new role will be tolerable -- at least when compared to the less-than-palatable news about ceiling-tumbling-hottie Lark Voorhies.


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