And You Thought Your New Year's Plans Suck


Last night's episode of 60 Minutes featured warnings about the California water shortage, Lara Logan's visit to Afghanistan, and flying squirrel people; but it was Andy Rooney's insights into the grind of existence that spoke the loudest. Instead of closing off the program with a rant about viewer mail, crowded shopping malls or the general concept of extreme wealth, the curmudgeon extraordinaire directed his grumpiness at New Year's Eve. Eschewing the typical excitement for a new calendar year full of opportunities, Rooney railed against the holiday and vowed to spend the night alone, drowning his misery in a tub of coffee ice cream. The grim (or comfortingly validating) video after the jump.

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  • Jamie says:

    That is a tiny, tiny carton of ice cream, which makes this story kind of adorable. As adorable as the word "curmudgeon."
    Whatever. I'm sleeping through new year's. There is no reason to celebrate it as a holiday.