5 Unforgettable Tyra Moments, In Honor of its Forthcoming End


Hope you're prepared to field makeup tips from a lesser source, because Tyra Banks just announced to People that her talk show will end in spring 2010. The Top Model high-priestess says she plans to launch Bankable Studios, which will bring "positive images of women to the big screen." When we curl in the fetal position and weep, we can almost kiss our own fat ass. After the jump, we revisit five of Tyra's most unbeatable moments.

5. Tyra wears no makeup, then teaches audience to frantically apply foundation in 40 seconds.

Have you seen a busier audience in your life? This looks like that scene in Jennifer's Body when Megan Fox pads her malnourished visage with makeup. Like Jennifer, Tyra likely just needed to eat one of her peers.

4. Barack Obama confronts cinematic issues about Denzel Washington and Will Smith.

After talking about his first date with Michelle, President Obama opens up about whether Denzel Washington or Will Smith would play him in a movie. And Tyra openly lobbies to play the Missus.

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  • TimGunn says:

    6. RIBS
    7. Fat suit
    8. White girl suit (she did this, right? or is it coming up Spring 10)
    9. Homeless for a day/night
    10. Modelville finale.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    Oh! Oh! What about the one where Tyra wears a fat suit to see what it's like for fatties? She goes on a blind date, then she cries on behalf of all the fat women in America. Gold. Pure gold.

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    What about the indignity Hillary Clinton had to suffer while Tyra asked her what she says to girls who say "my man is stepping out on me"?

  • it came from the tar pits says:

    Glad to see Tyra's "Blond Morticia" weave in that last clip.