Weekend Receipts: No Shot, Sherlock

The stockings were hung by the chimneys with care, but Americans, still bitter about the "I O U ... One Hug!" coupons found stuffed inside them on a very recession-y Christmas morning, chose to take out their frustrations at the local multiplexes. The result: a record-breaking, $285 million weekend at the domestic box office. Read on for the merry-making results.

1. Avatar

Gross: $75,000,000 (cume: $212,268,000)

Screens: 3,456 (PSA: $21,701)

Weeks: 2 (Change: -2.6%)

Last week, James Cameron slapped his ten-foot cobalt manhood on the world stage, silencing all naysayers, tut-tutters, and prophets of Na'vi doom with one resounding thud. Now, bolstered by strong "you gotta f*ckin' see this to believe this"-of-mouth, Avatar's second week prognosis was ridiculously strong, falling off a nearly imperceptible 2% for an easy first-place finish. We wanted to wait a week to be sure, but it's all but official: Jim can proudly retrieve his custom-embroidered King of the World satin boxing robe out of mini-storage and strut around shirtless in it on the Oscars red carpet. He's earned it.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Gross: $65,380,000 (new)

Screens: 3,626 (PSA: $18,031)

Weeks: 1

A record-breaking Friday haul slowed over Saturday and Sunday, but $65 mil is certainly nothing to pluck a violin at. Could this impressive sum fast-track its sequel, Sherlock Holmes 2: The Case of the Eternally Bickering Longtime Companions, and its memorable catchphrase, "Watson -- put down the steak and kidney pie. You're starting to get back fat and that in turn renders you less sexually attractive to me." The data suggests as much.

3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Gross: $50,200,000 (new)

Screens: 3,700 (PSA: $13,568)

Weeks: 1

Here is the true meaning of the holidays: As long as there are children there will be Christmas. And as long as there is Christmas there will be singing rodents. And as long as there's singing rodents there will be singing rodents covering 1985 one-hit-wonders by Dead or Alive. And as long as there are singing rodents covering 1985 one-hit-wonders by Dead or Alive, there are children who will force their parents to pay for the privilege of enduring it. Peace on Earth, bitches.

4. It's Complicated

Gross: $22,114,000 (new)

Screens: 2,887 (PSA: $7,660)

Weeks: 1

Nancy Meyers' latest aluminum-appliance-porn performed above expectations, answering, to paraphrase The New York Times Magazine, the question of whether or not someone can make movies for women: Nancy can -- and she knows what women want! Alec + Steve + John = The Elliot Gould/Alan Alda/Richard Benjamin of their generation! Swoon.

5. Up in the Air

Gross: $11,755,000 (cume: $24,518,000)

Screens: 1,895 (+1,720) (PSA: $6,203)

Weeks: 4 (Change: +266.2%)

The high-travel weekend gave fans of Up in the Air lots to think about as they made their way home for the holidays, raising questions like, "Which security line had the most efficient Asians in it?" "Is there a hidden loophole to doubling your frequent flier miles?" and, "Why did the Nigerian man sitting next to me ask if 'I might possibly happen to have a spare Bunsen burner or some potassium chlorate on me?' Is that a red flag? Ryan Bingham would probably know!"