And Finally, a Touching Christmas Memory from Phoebe Cates

· While the staff of Movieline takes the next two days off (either to celebrate Christmas or to book an easy reservation at the local tortilla place), what better moment to leave you with than the infamous Christmas monologue from Gremlins? Sure, Phoebe Cates may be the ultimate buzzkill, but your Christmas plans are bound to seem better in comparison. Happy holidays, and enjoy:

· Whoops: Redbox has to yank images from Brittany Murphy's next rental for hitting a little too close to home.

· Is Avatar going to exhibit a Titanic-like hold over the next few weeks? Competition is fierce, but the film's earned over $16 million on each of the last two weekdays.

· Next time you go to the barbershop and prepare to talk shit about Precious, you'd better make sure Lee Daniels isn't there to overhear it.

· Yesterday's episode of Bad Girls Club set a ratings record for Oxygen. Mae West would be proud.

· Happy Holidays, everyone! Save some egg nog for me.