The 8 Most Oversexed TV Characters of the Last Decade

Call them sluts, tramps, sexually empowered, "in touch with themselves," or whatever your bedroom religion permits. Still, it can't be denied that the past decade has bred a new kind of television floozy, thanks in part to Sex and the City gently escorting us into the 2000's with its bold bedroom dialogue. After the jump, Movieline recalls the 8 best characters who overindulged in the boudoir.


Hank Moody, Californication

Played By: David Duchovny

A self-loathing writer, Hank isn't addicted to sex as much as he just loves women of all race, religion and creed, and though he's spent most of the series in a relationship with the mother (Natasha McElhone) of his adored daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin), he's still found the time to dabble on the side. Hank has some morals -- he won't sleep with an underage girl (as long as he knows that she's underage), he will punch out anyone harassing a woman in his company, and he will offer up his own body to a woman just so that she won't sleep with someone who doesn't appreciate her. That being said, his conquests do include a bikini-ed thief whose name he does not know, student/strippers, and the mothers of his daughter's friends (plus, he was once punched in the face during the act).


Samantha Jones, Sex and the City

Played By: Kim Cattrall

The most sexually active of New York City's most famous foursome, Samantha is a self-proclaimed "try-sexual" who will attempt anything at least once and pretty much has over the course of the show, which includes bedding a 72-year-old millionaire, sleeping with Charlotte's brother, going lesbian, and throwing her boyfriend a birthday ménage à trois. Samantha believes that she has had hundreds of "soul mates," coined the phrase "funky spunk" and is outspoken about the benefits of regular female masturbation. She is a loyal friend who shies away from committed relationships, and the only time Samantha ever lost her sex drive was during chemotherapy treatments -- even then, her libido returned in a throbbing way on the big screen.


Charlie Harper, Two and a Half Men

Played By: Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre famously based boozing womanizer Charlie Harper on Charlie Sheen. himself The fictional Charlie relies on a steady stream of one-night stands, booty calls, and prostitutes to keep his bed warm. He's courted a few women longer than one night and even proposed to a few, but his narcissistic ways usually win out -- the Malibu bachelor even forced his sick brother Alan (Jon Cryer) to go on a date just so that he could use the house for revenge sex. Still, Fictional Charlie's promiscuous ways were explained away as a feeling of inadequacy, spurred when his mother told him that she thought he was going to be a girl since the sonogram showed no signs of a penis.

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  • Harold Sims says:

    It isn't a legit list without George Costanza. Not only did he bone almost every girl he wanted, but some he did so within minutes like the hot single mom who shared his love of food during sex.

  • Zhane says:

    Christian Troy Nip/Tuck; Joey Tribiani; JR Ewing.

  • Joe says:

    None of these characters hold a candle to Sam Malone on Cheers.