Sex and the City 2 Trailer: Does Lanvin Make Burqas?


The first Sex and the City movie helped usher in a wave of female film phenomenons, and now Sex and the City 2 is coming along to give that Twilight-gorged audience segment some questionable fashion and nice, soft lighting. SATC2's trailer boasts a road trip segment and hey, fun fact: The original movie was supposed to be a road trip until Kim Cattrall pulled out (by the time she agreed to participate years later, writer/director Michael Patrick King had reconceived the project). However...Morocco? Really, girls?

Sure, Sex and the City's more-is-more ethos might have seemed appropriate in a flashy hotspot like Dubai, but sending the main foursome to the a heavily Arabic place (even if it's a relatively liberal country like Morocco) just seems to be asking for critics to write "this is why they hate us" think pieces. The first person to connect the dots between Carrie's Manohlos and the 9/11 attacks will win a very, very epic facepalm.

VERDICT: Oh, it's not like I wasn't gonna see it.