Late Night Highlights: Peanuts Dave, Single Susan Sarandon and Dane Cook's Holiday Stories

Have you ever yearned to see how an animated David Letterman would get along with the Peanuts gang during their Christmas special? The answer, along with the other highlights from last night's after hours line-up, is just a click away.

More Dane Cook Stories Than You Can Handle

The comedian stopped by the Jay Leno Show last night to make a bad joke about Dave Chappelle, discuss his Christmas tree debacle, and show off a home video of himself doing stand-up a long time ago. Note to aspiring comedians: If you've been working on a bit that begins with "Have you ever tried to handle a frozen turkey," Dane Cook has already driven that bit into the ground.

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  • HwoodHills says:

    1. Mr. Leno, the car thing is only averaging 1 mph interest-wise.
    2. MLP on "Weeds" is awesome. Everywhere else? (See #1.)
    3. (Sorry, I nodded off while watching.)
    4. Thanks for including the commercial, Movieline (you're going straight to hell.)
    5. She (Sarandon) actually (seemingly) knew her upcoming clip ahead of time. KUDOS!
    6. Kathy G. watered down? - It's the end of the world as we know it.
    (And I feel fine.)