The 10 Best Game Show Moments of the Decade

Game shows have enjoyed a splashy decade -- winnings multiplied, contestants' camera skills improved, and hi-tech advancements made sets even shinier and slicker than before. Movieline honors the 2000s by numbering its greatest game show moments, the times when common plebeians became righteous gods, and sometimes monsters. Join us on a decade trek where the only recession in sight is Chuck Woolery's forehead.

10. The Weakest Link debuts on American soil

Anne Robinson's 2001 debut as host of The Weakest Link pivoted game shows in America, as the show served both acerbic one-liners and big paychecks. Though the U.S. iteration survived only until July, 2002 (or 2003, if you count the syndicated version), the U.K. originator still airs new episodes today with Robinson at the helm.

9. Kevin Olmstead wins $2.18 million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and (momentarily) makes TV history.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire's streak of million-dollar winners began with IRS agent John Carpenter in 1999, continued with a few more working-class heroes, and culminated with Kevin Olmstead, who won $2.18 million during the episodes when Millionaire increased its big prize for each time a new contestant didn't win it. Strangely, Olmstead's question is not very hard, and he solves it within 30 seconds.

8. Wheel of Fortune contestant makes an enormous mistake

No dalmatian statuary for you! During a themed "Casino Week," a contestant on Wheel of Fortune racked up close to $40,000 in earnings before misreading the puzzle. When you have to ask Pat Sajak to give you a hug, you've had a rough day.

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