Make Your Own 2010 Robert Pattinson Flipbook!

Summit just released a clutch of new photos to promote its 2010 film slate, and of paramount importance are the ones promoting its twin Robert Pattinson projects, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Remember Me. Above, in a brand-new still from Eclipse, you can see Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reenacting Tom Cruise's famous romp through a freshly Sea Org-planted meadow with Nicole Kidman. However, if you need more, perhaps some additional Pattinson pictures will do? (WARNING: No abs.)


Here he is snuggling up to Emilie de Ravin in Remember Me. What a two-timer, this kid.

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  • raincoaster says:

    He's a Brit. "No abs" goes without saying!

  • sole says:

    He don´t need any abs! I respect him for being so natural!
    He is just a really likable, smart guy who is not like the pretty boys you see in YOUR young Hollywood these days.