Late Night Highlights: Adam Lambert, Chipmunk Lessons and Cussin' Mrs. Santa

With George Lopez, Stephen Colbert, Chelsea Handler and Jon Stewart already on holiday break, the remaining P.M. hosts scrounged up enough holiday cheer for the entire after hours schedule last night. The Jersey Shore cast mates were not available for another reenactment of the Christmas story, but Horatio Sanz and Julian Casablancas were game for some yuletide fun. That video, and the other moments you missed (including Betty White!) while still washing off that bronzer, after the jump.

Smokin', Drinkin', Cussin' Mrs. Claus

Kate Flannery stopped by the Jay Leno Show last night to joke about snow jobs, K-Y jelly, eating reindeer and Roman Polanski. Hey, at least it wasn't a blatant Wendy's plug.

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