Bryan Singer Casually Hints How You Can Ruin His Hawaiian Holiday

Bryan Singer on Monday gave a lengthy, revealing interview about his upcoming projects, including his recently disclosed bombshell X-Men: First Class, his likely Valkyrie follow-up Jack the Giant Killer, and the more slowly developing Battlestar Galactica and Excalibur. If it's a lot for a fan to contemplate, just imagine how overwhelming it must be for Singer himself to even begin attacking the material. Thankfully, he said, he expects to get plenty of quiet, undisturbed work done this week at his regular Hawaiian haunt. He'll even tell you where -- sort of -- in case you want to check it out yourself.

If you happen to be bumping around Oahu over the holidays and feel like going director-hunting between swims and hikes, Singer dropped all the clues you need:

Q: What are your holiday plans?

Singer: I go to Hawaii. I go to the same hotel, I sit in the same room, and then I get bored of vacationing in two days then I go to a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in a strip mall overlooking a parking lot in Oahu and I work. A lot of good work has come out of those sessions in that Coffee Bean. I feel very energized and not distracted. It's a local strip mall with Hawaii people who have no idea who I am. They just know I am always there around the holidays and working on stuff.

"Hawaii people"! Adorable. Anyway, after some research, it appears there are only about four or five Coffee Beans around Oahu that fit that description. Short of writing out a guide to stalking a major Hollywood director, I'll leave it to those of you interested in surreptitiously scanning that X-Men treatment over Singer's shoulder to figure them out. My best guess is the humble establishment above; doesn't it just scream "origin story"?

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  • Lani says:

    "Hawaii people" is semantically correct, and Singer correctly differentiates them from "Hawaiian people," which while often misused, refers to the indigenous Native Hawaiians.