Bruce Vodka


Hard times like these call for diversification, and Bruce Willis is doing his part by locking down his place as the official face of Belvedere's Sobieski vodka. The four-year reupping promises Willis a 3.3 percent stake in the brand, currently valued around $122 million but having been plagued by "safeguard" status -- the French equivalent of Chapter 11 -- since July 2008. Belvedere reps now say they're expecting U.S. sales alone to double in '09, thanks in part to their celebrity spokesman. A beleaguered Hollywood, meanwhile, will closely observe the "paid-in-vodka" standard as a potential salary model for other stars in the years to come. [Reuters]


  • HwoodHills says:

    Hopefully they get the music rights from Seagram's so "Bruno" can bring back that catchy tune...
    "Sobiesssski...80 proof liquor."

  • Desk_hack says:

    That's interesting, given that it's pretty well known that he's sober.