A Period Film, Twice Over


We've worried before that the upcoming rock grrl biopic The Runaways might have trouble wooing a young female audience, and now Movieline hears that from the very first shot, the film makes its decidedly R-rated sensibility clear. Will Twilight fans be ready for an opening moment that sees a drop of blood fall on the pavement, followed by a wide shot of menstrual blood trickling down Dakota Fanning's leg (an unexpected period that prompts the first of Fanning's expletives in the film)? Perhaps only if it provokes an inappropriate, New Moon-yanked lunge from Jackson Rathbone. [PREVIOUSLY: Can The Runaways Succeed Where Whip It and Jennifer's Body Failed?]


  • A girl says:

    Why would a female audience like this movie? Because it's about girls?
    Girls don't care about other girls.
    I'm a girl, and I know this. There's nothing that bores me more than watching "movies for girls."

  • Furious D says:

    But it's got F-bombs and a "period" scene, that means it's edgy and rebellious, and if you don't see that movie, you'll never be one of the cool girls, and they're going to tease you until you get an eating disorder.

  • Tampon queen says:

    That opening scene is just to show how young The Runaways really were, bloody good idea.

  • Old No.7 says:

    This movie is just dripping with box office smash potential.

  • Topanga says:

    Silly directors. Everybody knows period blood doesn't just gush out like that. It takes its time, and stains your pants first.

  • Martini Shark says:

    I don't know, I'm leery of a film with such an edgy and jarring opening like that. There must be a string attached.