Hollywood Ink: Kevin Bacon to Go Wife-Stealing in Super


· Kevin Bacon has joined the cast of Super, a currently shooting comic riff on the superhero genre featuring Rainn Wilson as a would-be crusader who takes to swinging a mean wrench when he can't quite conjure superpowers. Bacon will play a drug dealer who steals Wilson's wife (Liv Tyler). Meanwhile, a whole toolbox somewhere is bragging to its friends this morning about its new one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon. [Screen Daily]

A pair of directors consider a turn down Jump Street, the Coens look for their Grit girl, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who had a sleeper hit last summer with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, are on the short list to helm the big-screen adaptation of Fox's classic series 21 Jump Street. Because let's face it, once you've directed Neil Patrick Harris as an animated monkey, conceptually the sky's the limit. Jonah Hill is co-producing. [Variety]

· George A. Romero's latest undead opus Survival of the Dead has found a buyer in Magnet Releasing, which will push the film out this spring via video-on-demand a month before releasing it in theaters. Zombie John and Yoko are surely pleased to hear about this. [THR]

· MGM isn't much closer to a deal of its own, alas, welcoming only four out of 16 prospective buyers so far into its online "data room" where they can kick the ailing studio's tires. Last-minute Christmas shoppers still seeking a gift for the mogul who has everything might consider a closer look. [THR]

· The NYT's year-end box-office survey hilariously includes this line: "[T]he uptick in moviegoing has studios for the first time in years focusing more on delivering must-see films than churning out poorly executed movies and letting DVD sales pick up the slack." Hmm. So that whole G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra window-breaking last month on the way to 3.5 million in first-week DVD sales? With a sequel on the way? Probably not an aberration, gang. [NYT]