Alyssa 'A-Pop' Milano Gets a Makeover


· Alyssa Milano may not want to watch the MTV show that is slowly guido-fying America, but she still did a little fist-pumping during her very own guidette-over. The last ten seconds of her Funny or Die video imply that she covered herself in a vat of bronzer for a larger anti-Jersey Shore message, but all we can think is, "Look at the size of that poof!" Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, beware: there's a new crazy, sexy Italian gahl in town. [Funny Or Die]

· Brittany Murphy executed a will before meeting husband and alleged bad guy Simon Monjack, meaning that unless she amended the document after getting married, the actress's mother will inherit Murphy's estate. [TMZ]

· While Hollywood remembers Brittany Murphy, Best Week Ever honored Sesame Street's Alaina Reed Hall -- aka Olivia -- who also passed away this weekend at the age of 63 from breast cancer. [Best Week Ever]

· Whether you blame it on the economy or Michael Bay, you have to admit that 2009 was a rough year for film critics. IFC remembers the ups, the downs, and the critical punch-outs for your enjoyment. [IFC]

· Oh, how Kevin Costner has fallen. Only yesterday eighteen years ago, the star won two Oscars for a little directorial debut called Dances With Wolves and today, his latest horror film, The New Daughter was dump released at the Regency Fairfax. Little is known about the film since it was not advertised or reviewed, aside from the fact that Costner's inexplicably Spanish daughter starts acting strangely after he moves her to rural South Carolina. Costner alluded to his little horror film in an interview with last August: "I don't actually enjoy being scared in movies. I don't like that feeling. There's nothing, no rush at all, just the rush to get out." [Hollywood Elsewhere]

· And finally, Movieline wishes its Twitter Tournament of Champions favorite Jane Fonda a happy birthday. Barbarella is 72 today.


  • Furious D says:

    1. The spray on tan burned my eyes. Now I can't see! But for some reason I can still type legibly.
    2. Isn't this the point where the will disappears and all the suspects are gathered into one room, or have I read too many mystery novels?
    3. Too many people dying. Stop now!
    4. Now they're all standing in the unemployment line, dropping sarcastic bon-mots on the performance of the clerk handing out the pogey checks.
    5. When you make a horror film, you don't then say that you don't like horror films.
    6. I heard the Vietnam veterans are going to make her a cake.

  • HwoodHills says:

    Swear to God, if someone makes a lame "Situation" joke (about the Milano thing) and adds support to his *"MMPH" movement, there's gonna be trouble.
    *"Make Me Paris Hilton"

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