Friday Box Office: No Reason to Feel Blue


James Cameron's Avatar stormed the gates yesterday with a healthy $27 million haul, and while that may not be an eye-popping number compared with, say, New Moon's first full day, it's more than decent for December, where only Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and I Am Legend managed better. In fact, Avatar may have sucked all the air out of the room, as Did You Hear About the Morgans tanked, while The Princess and the Frog fell over 50%, a discouraging second weekend in a genre that can typically boast tiny drops. Here are the top ten:

AVATAR: $27,000,000 (new)

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG: $3,410,000 ($35,942,000)

THE BLIND SIDE: $3,170,000 ($157,874,000)


THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON: $1,400,000 ($271,591,000)

INVICTUS: $1,335,000 ($13,010,000)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: $951,000 ($128,321,000)

UP IN THE AIR: $925,000 ($5,931,000)

BROTHERS: $880,000 ($20,341,000)

OLD DOGS: $709,000 ($41,994,000)

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