TV Bites: Introducing Cymphonique, Your Next Teen Star


· Yes, that's her real name. And she acts, sings, dances and is the daughter of rapper-turned-actor Master P and the sister of pint-size rapper-turned-actor Romeo. Nickelodeon has snatched up the 13-year-old multi-talent with a substantial deal to add to her existing projects and possibly create a show for her. So start saving for those Cymphonique alter-ego concert tickets. [THR]

Julie Benz has no illusions about that unbelievable Dexter finale, NBC might be looking to replace Conan O'Brien, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Julie Benz, who was [SPOILER ALERT!] gruesomely killed off in last week's Dexter season finale, is still trying to convince viewers that her death was not just a horrible dream: "There has been no talk of me coming back to the series in any way. A lot of people have been begging me to tell them that I'm going to come back, and I'm like, 'Rita's dead!' Rita is dead and Trinity killed her... And there has been no talk of Rita being a ghost. No one's approached me about coming back." [E!]

· There's an ugly rumor going around that NBC is looking to replace Conan O'Brien since the Tonight Show ratings have taken a nose dive since Jay Leno left. The rumored replacement? Jerry Seinfeld. NBC is denying any replacement talk as "completely false." [PopEater]

· Big Love spoilerphobes beware: Amanda Seyfried, who has played Bill Paxton's oldest daughter since the 2006 series premiere, will leave the show after this season's eighth episode to pursue her film career. [TV Guide]

· NBC has found a male lead for its new J.J. Abrams pilot called Undercovers in Boris Kodjoe. The series will revolve around a married couple who works together as spies a la Mr. & Mrs. Smith. [THR]

· Before deciding whether or not reality fame via racial stereotype is the route for you, see if you can follow these simple Jersey Shore rules. [Television Without Pity]