Remember the Musical Sequence from (500) Days of Summer? Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown.

Man, oh man. So, OK. In (500) Days of Summer, remember that part where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so pleased that he got inside Zooey Deschanel's American Apparel boy shorts that he launches into a full-fledged musical number scored to the Hall and Oates classic "You Make My Dreams"? Well, I have a hunch that director Marc Webb is feeling mighty unambitious right about now, because Shorewood High School has gone and filmed their own lip-dub of the song, and it's shot in (seemingly) one take, and it was filmed backwards, and it's amazing. How long before Hollywood signs Mr. Ballew's Video Class to a three-picture deal?

Take a look for yourself:

And here's the (500) Days of Summer version:

Shorewood High School Makes Your Dreams Come True [Towleroad]


  • Glenn Kenny says:

    Shit, man, high school looks like fun these days. What happened?

  • lucas says:

    amusing yes. but given what you can do with programs like imovie these days i can't really be impressed with the film work. or the claim they shot it backwards (I can reverse a whole movie in 2 keystrokes and a few minutes)

  • Jamie says:

    But they were lipsyncing backwards. Like they "translated" parts of the lyrics so the kids would mouth them backwards so they'd appear to be saying them forwards. I'm impressed. That was a hell of a production.

  • Amazing. Did anyone else notice in the Gym in the background it looks like there mascot name is the "Adults"?

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    It's like the best episode of Degrassi ever.

  • Wandering Menstrual says:

    Can't wait to hear Lucas' thoughts on Avatar.
    It's rare in adulthood to encounter someone who so desperately deserves a wedgie.

  • McSnarkster says:

    Oh man. So awesome. Why wasn't my high school this cool? And I only graduated a few years ago, we already had almost the same technology in the first half of this decade, too.

  • John says:

    Yes, and it would sound like a movie running backwards. Don't insult the difficulty of this production with your failure to understand how technology (and time and space) works.

  • John says:

    Our mascott is the Thunderbirds. Our gym has 4 bleacher sections, including sections for students, and for adults.