Our Commenters of the Week Win a Photo Shoot in a Wet Christopher Nolan Cityscape!


For this week's winners, Movieline will fly you and a guest to beautiful Awash Urban Environment used and reused by Christopher Nolan, where an esteemed photographer will coerce you to rip off your poncho, turn towards the dawn, and brandish a weapon (of your choice!) for the fans. We want hostility and ambition in your barely-glimpsed eyes -- no "smizing," gays! So, who's boarding the next flight to Wetropolis?

alexbarbatsis on Can This Photo Help Avatar Enter the Best Actress Oscar Race? "OMG!!! They finally perfected mouth being opened technology! Now anyone's mouth can be opened....you're next, Clint Eastwood.

SunnyDaze Top 10 Late Night Talk Show Appearances of the Decade: "Yeah, if the Muppets would just stop interrupting Mr. Letterman with inane laughter maybe he could have been the next Mike Wallace. STOP LAUGHING AT DAVE!!! CAN'T YOU SEE HOW YOU ARE HURTING HIM????!!!"

Martini Shark on NBC's Midseason Domestic Bliss "Wonder if Lauren Graham was confused when she got the initial script and it wasn't 250 pages long."

badentertainment on Can This Photo Help Avatar Enter the Best Actress Oscar Race?: "The idea of actors being easily replaced by nobodies with lots of green dots is probably bad for business, too."

Matthew D H on Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Forest: "Yup, because when I think of Robin Hood I tend to imagine a strapping young 45 year old as he attempts to seduce a youthful, virginal 40 year old Maid Marian."

Congrats to our winners!


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