O Little Town of Movieline

'Tis the season for giving, and we at Movieline have done our best to uphold our share of the bargain. After the jump, enjoy as we spill another bounty from our bulging velvet sack... Wait -- that came out wrong. Just click through and enjoy another fine Week in Review. And have a terrific weekend!

· A kiss under the mistletoe goes to each of this week's interviewees: Abbie Cornish, Ellen Burstyn, Stephen Lang, Matthew Goode, Jean-Marc Vallée, Rudy Pauls and Verge subject Nicholas Hoult.

· Many grueling, pink-ponied years and $300 million after James Cameron conceived it, Avatar finally arrived. Bring on the Oscars!

· We couldn't all go to the White House for Christmas, so we settled for another distracting roll through the Movieline Gift Guide.

· We congratulated One-Page Screenplay alums The Robotard for making this year's Black List of unproduced scripts.

· Introductions were made to next season's larger-than-life True Blood and Project Runway personas.

· Awards season exploded -- literally, with a heaping helping of accolades for The Hurt Locker. The Golden Globe had ideas (and subplots) of their own. And Mo'Nique didn't care either way -- for good reason, mamma.

· Ever see a Jaketopus? Well, you have now.

· Trailers for Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland and Hot Tub Time Machine all received our Two-Minute Verdict.

· The Cold Case had a second look at The Cake Eaters, featuring Kristen Stewart's best (if most underseen) performance.

· All of Jersey Shore's punching and media bludgeoning compelled us to revisit MTV's history of violence.

· It's the End of the Decade™, and we had your lists: Best late-night appearances. Worst Hollywood remakes. Best and worst graphic-novel adaptation. Expect more to come...