Hollywood Ink: It's Taylor Lautner vs. the Cartels in Cancun


· Amid talk that Taylor Lautner might follow his New Moon/Eclipse tandem with the franchise kick-starter Max Steel, Summit Entertainment and the star's manager/father have gone ahead and pinned him to the action-thriller Cancun. Lautner would star as a college student on spring break in the titular Mexican city, where it's all fun and games until a drug cartel kidnaps your love interest and friends. Shirtlessness ensues, etc. etc. This movie's still in development and it probably made $10 million in the time it took to write this bullet. [THR]

Warner Bros. treats Steve Carell to a $2 million holiday gift, Carell's Get Smart director tries to stay busy, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· A day after Mail-Order Groom was said to be a front-runner for Steve Carell's next project, Warner Bros. announced it had picked up an untitled, $2 million-plus spec script by Dan Fogelman for the star. The story concerns a father reconnecting with his kids while his marriage unravels, but all that really matters here is that Warners doesn't have Get Smart 2 anywhere close to ready for Carell. That would be the sequel to the $230 million-grossing Get Smart, gang. You might wanna get on that. [Variety]

· And no Get Smart 2 means director Peter Segal needs something to do in 2010. Word on the street is that it'll most likely be the supernatural Will Ferrell comedy Neighborhood Watch. [Variety]

· You know what would be great? If Variety took down this fucking paywall that blocks the story of Paramount's Western in development just enough so you have to squint to read it. Either block it or don't! We're not paying for it either way! Anyway, Paramount has a Western in development, and Variety is doomed. [Variety]

· Finally, David Poland follows up our own Runaways inquiries with another interesting question concerning Whip It: "Did the box office failure of Drew Barrymore's well-received grrl power film ($13m), which had Juno's Oscar-nominated Ellen Page, Barrymore, Kristin Wiig, and hipness herself, Alli Shawkat, leave Bill Pohlad self-distributing his K-Stew grrrl power film via Apparition?" Short answer: Yes. What do you think? [THB]