General Hospital FrancoWatch: 'Rightly So, Serpico, Rightly So'


Franco has really gone and done it now. It was just another lazy afternoon in Port Charles: Kristina told Sonny to be more of a dad and less of a scary gangster" Maxie vented at length about her cheating heart, and Franco went grave-robbing. Viewers of General Hospital didn't actually see him digging into the frozen earth and wrestling a coffin open but they knew, because Franco brandished the bracelet he had stolen from Claudia's corpse and gazed at it meaningfully. Watch him deal with the consequences of his morbid actions in true Franco-style, after the jump.

It was pretty bold for Franco to tag the streets of Port Charles when the whole town was searching for him, but the man needed to unwind. While indulging his creative side, Franco bumped into Ronnie, a childhood friend working as an undercover cop, who has thrown the pigs off Franco's trail until now -- but he can't do it much longer! Below, the most dramatic alleyway soap encounter that's ever resulted from tagging. Enjoy.