Buzz Break: Old Dogs


· USA Today has your first look at the Owen Wilson-voiced Marmaduke. Sigh. What pop hit will he perform a mandatory lip-sync to in this movie? Lady Gaga?

· Kick-Ass isn't even out yet, but they've already got a title for the sequel: Balls to the Wall.

· What's the Star Wars weather like right now? Let's just say that if you had a spare Tauntaun around, you might want to slice it open and crawl in.

· "I've moved on creatively from The Terminator," says James Cameron, "so I'm not really interested in that imagery and even those ideas anymore -- and I'm not sure the world is that interested either. It's run its course, I feel."

· It's official: Jon and Kate are legally dunzo. If only that meant that we were finished with them.